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Mindfulness: basic introduction

This is the afternoon edition at 13.00. The same workshop will be given in the evening at 19.30. Check for the evening workshop:

This is your chance to start your mindfulness practice while meeting other Milan-based internationals!

- You read already about mindfulness and finally like to give it a try?
- Or you don’t know much about mindfulness yet, but you’re looking for a way to reduce stress or learn to deal with difficult life situations?
- Or you like to learn a way to enjoy life even more?
- Or you started already before, but you find it difficult to keep doing it?

Then grab the opportunity and join one of my workshops on February 16th! There will be one at 13.00 and one at 19.30.

It’s open for everyone (from complete beginners to more experienced people) & practical (no lecture!).

My mission is to show you how easy it is to start ‘doing’ your own mindfulness. You don’t need a yoga mat or sit quiet like a buddha. Or to sit still for hours.

And I like to show you what you can achieve with mindfulness. You don’t need to become perfectly calm and focussed.

Mindfulness is about seeing what is, right now. And I like to keep it this simple.

The only thing you need is yourself, including all thoughts & emotions you might have. So if you’re unsure if mindfulness is something for you, you can bring your doubt with you. If you feel bored with long meditations, you can bring your boredom. If you feel frustrated about past moments when you already tried to learn (mindfulness) meditation, you can bring your frustration. There are no expectations about your participation and progress. There’s only one request: can you try to be kind to yourself?

In this workshop;
★ You learn what mindfulness is, and what the difference is with other meditation styles
★ You will experience mindfulness meditations
★ You will learn simple easy meditations which you can start using immediately
★ You will meet other Milan-based internationals with a similar interest like you (nice!)
★ For the ones who are already more experienced; tips & tricks for overcoming personal challenges regarding your own mindfulness practice

*** Important: there are only 15 spots available. This event is also published at So the number of sign-ups here doesn’t give information how many spots are still available ***

Just to mention a few possible benefits from mindfulness:

★ Improved general health
★ Reduced stress and more focus
★ More energy
★ Decreased anxiety/depressive symptoms

Practical information

★ Who: basically anyone can come, all ages are welcome. Just people with severe trauma or depression are advised to contact a therapist. If you are not sure if it’s advisable to join or not, then don’t hesitate to send me an email and we can discuss it.
★ What to bring: you don’t need to bring anything. But if you like to do meditations lying horizontally, you can bring a yoga mat. No special clothes needed.
★ Costs:
- standard price 20 euro
- early bird 12,50 euro (buy your ticket before February 7th!)
- there are 2 special tickets for people with a low income: 10,00 euro each. Please contact me if you feel that these ticket(s) belong to you. Don’t wait too long, as these tickets are usually taken soon.
★ How to get your ticket:
Send me a PM or email to You will then get the payment options (PayPal/standard bank transfer). It’s also possible to buy tickets at the international aperitivo in café Pacino (Piazza Bacone 9, Milano) on February 15th. Just then it’s not possible to get the early bird reduction.
★ Cancellation:
If you cancel up to February 9th you get a full refund. After, you get a 50% refund. The refund doesn’t include possible transaction costs (in case of a paypal payment).
★ Language spoken: English
★ Location: Macao, Viale Molise 68, Milano

About me

I’m Francisco, 39 years old. I’m Dutch. A life long experience with restlessness and overthinking brought me to mindfulness. When I did my first 8-weeks mindfulness course, I felt frustrated and sometimes thought that mindfulness is not for me. When I started doing the mindfulness teacher training (MBSR & MBCT) however, I learned that I myself and people like me could benefit a great deal from it. I’m also a coach & psychologist. If you like to ask me something/share ideas, I would be happy to hear from you. You can send me a PM or an email (
I organise mindfulness groups in Milano, Geneva, Zürich and Amsterdam.


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