core.pan : elveshaarp

ECTOPLASM presenta:

ELVESHAARP by core.pan (residency and exhibition)
curato da Nocturnal Reflections e Outreglot

Dal 7 Dicembre al 14 Dicembre 2017

Orari: Ven: 19:00-00:00 / Sab: 21:30-23:30
Dom -Gio: 14:00-19:00 / Ven: 19:00-00:00


Investigate spectral manipulations_
Psy-ops through electromagnetic beams
Earth’s skin,
Air and above the soil,

___E.L.F on and below

Site specific installation featuring new works and the results of one year of researches on graphic visualizations_ mirages_with the help of artificial neural networks.

OPENING: 7 Dicembre 2017 - 19:00

✧ ssaliva (live)
✧ Loto Retina (live)
✧ All Pass (live)
✧ Contemplation Of Blues (A/V live)
✧ core.pan ( Up-shaarp set)

CLOSING: 14 Dicembre 2017 - 21:00

✧ Meditazioni Elettroniche V w/ Pure Mania (A/V live)
in collaborazione con Communion

ECTOPLASM is a brand new program curated by Nocturnal Reflections and Outreglot.

Taking its name from phenomenas that involve the use of ectoplasm, the program define the research as a conception of hypothetical and ethereal form of matter and energy projected by the medium’s body or object. In specific, it works on the hybridisation across the media as a unique form, aiming to an art’s essence through exhibitions, installations, performances and music, where shows are no longer just an amplification experience made to see someone « play » his music as an interpretation or improvisation.


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