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Rituals | Capitolo terzo

“Tattooing in the 2000s is gentrifying at a greater speed than high streets.
A mass-market product so common, the next generation will
likely reject it as un-cool.
It’s big-Tobacco. It’s Coca-Cola.
It’s a pharmaceutical sized-phenomenon so obese it’s lost all its colours.
It’s infected kids’ faces. It’s full suits without a single image.
It’s beyond saturation. It’s a blackout.
Body of Reverbs transcends all that.
It’s polymorphic. And it might just save tattooing.”

Servadio presents:
New Rituals for Contemporary Bodies.
W/ Hexn (Sounds), Boiter (Curandero), Karl Verboten (Video Installation).

B.O.R. is a post-tattoo practice started by Michele Servadio in 2014.
B.O.R. is a contemporary ritual where tattooing turns into sound.
B.O.R. is a sonified and amplified tattoo.
B.O.R. is a technique of subjective reconfiguration through pain,
sound and a permanent mark on the body.
B.O.R. is a ritualistic tattoo practice, deviating from the normal tattoo shop, translating into a sign a process that takes place along several frequencies, manifesting itself in many dimensions.
B.O.R. aims is to reveal an own intimate, physical, mental and energetic awareness.

Supporting Acts:
// Formalist (Members of Forgotten Tomb, Malasangre, Viscera///)
performing their debut album "No One Will Shine Anymore" in its entirety.

// ?Alos (from Ovo), performing her new work "The Chaos Awakening".

// 8̵́̽̏h̵̝̪̹͕̉̌͜ (DJ Set)


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