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Neuroscopia II w/ Hallucinator & The Panacea


Neurofunk, crossbreed, hardcore & neo industrial con Hallucinator & The Panacea Official per la seconda edizione di Neuroscopia.


✺ The Panacea Official

✺ Hallucinator

✺ Antistatic - Underground area \ Innercity jungle \ Bassyard

✺ Sister F / BassYard


Visual mapping by L’AMA


The Panacea Official (DE)

After studying music engineering at the SAE Institute, Mootz worked with the experimental hip hop/illbient label Chrome, an offshoot of Force Inc Music Works. Over the course of several drum and bass albums and many singles, and as A&R manager for Position Chrome, Panacea became known for pushing the bounds of the drum and bass genre into industrial and hardcore territory, and for energetic DJ sets which fused these genres in a live setting. Mootz’s production and recordings are not limited just to Panacea, as he also records experimental, electro, dark ambient and neo-industrial beats as Squaremeter, Disorder 2nd Gen, Warfare, Kate Mosh, Bad Street Boy and Rich Kid. With releases and remixes for labels Position Chrome, Sonic Groove, PRSPCT, Quartz, Mille Plateaux, Ant-Zen, Hands Productions, Turbo-Pimp and Ambush, to name a few.

Hallucinator (ITA)

A career developing since 2007, proposing their uncompromising signature sound and ranging from hard neurofunk to hardcore, metal and everything in between, their pride is driven by having their own identity and not following a particular style. The masked duo counts several releases on many prestigious labels such as EMI, PRSPCT, Yellow Stripe, Forbidden Society, Brutale (to quote a few), worked together with names like Gridlok, Counterstrike, MC Coppa, The Outside Agency, Andy the Core, The Sickest SquadDefinitely not the usual dj set, their show is highly energy infused and gets perceived as a live band concert. A unique approach that made them headline several shows around the globe and on the biggest festival stages, like: Let it Roll, Beats for Love, Boomtown, Imagination, Decibel, Hardshock, Q-Base, PRSPCT XL and many more, always leaving a mark and schocking crowds in every performance.
Pioneers of mask wearing since ten years into the scene, long before it became a glamorous bandwagonist gimmick, they give birth to worldwide recognized anthems like "Raise Your Middle Finger", "Resist" or the metal influenced "Fuck The System".
End of 2017 and beginning of 2018 see Hallucinator step it up once again, on one side experimenting on 200bpm with the release on Brutale, and on the other side with their second album "Iconoclasm", forthcoming on the mighty PRSPCT Recordings, which will bring it back to their Drum and Bass roots.


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