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K O S M O S P I E L Hyperswap X We Insist!

HyperSwap® function is a feature that provides dual-site, active-active access to a volume.
This volume being the sounds of early raves back when genres were not the prime subdivision of a club night or any dance event. The vibe was.

Prague and Brno based cosmic group having discovered the spaces of the connected underground of Czech Republic, continues with this quest now on a wider orbit reaching the renowned but threatened universum of Macao.

Let’s get these worlds connected.
Let’s begin the hyperswap.

KOSMOSPIEL //showcase//

Losko (Altenburg 1964, Radio 1)

Winkler (Údržba, Herna)

Plast /Live/ (NONA Records, Herna)

Andels (NONA Records)

Motch (Altenburg 1964)

Levi (Herna) // live set&b2b //

Kuthi Jinani


GENAU Experience //dj set//

▽Riccardo Del Monaco a.k.a. Jam Ra


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