Commocoin is a social local currency developed and tested in a common based community in Milano (IT).
The pilot started in Macao art center and it’s involving others nodes on the metropolitan and national level.
The project is 2 years old, but it’s still in development and in a test phase.
The aim is to design schemes that are transparent and defined by participatory and democratic organizations.

The actual scheme in Macao (now running):
Macao did an air drop of coins to the partecipants of the organizations and to all the collaborators.
With the commoncoins every one can pay:
- all the work in the organization,
- goods (food, beverage) provided by the Macao from a solidarity independent network of producers,
- exchange in euro with monthly limits.

The central administration wages in commoncoin the functions for the management and the maintenance of the organization.

In the end of the month all the members of the assembly with at list transaction in the maintenance and management and that partecipate to the assemblies, share an equal Basic Income in Euro, generated by the 20% of the income of the activities of the organization.

Every participant has to participate to an off-line weekly assembly. The minimum required for each membership is 2 meeting a month, otherwise you lose the membership to the governance.
In the assembly we decide the design of the scheme (minimal wage, the costs of the means of production, the cost of the single jobs, the organization chart) through the consensus method.
The more one participates in the off line assembly the more she/he receives commocoin by the central administration.

if you are not participating to the weekly assembly you are out from the economical management of the organization. Designing schemes in an off-line assembly the members choose how to automatize the circulation of value, its redistribution and the social cooperation.

Commoncoin is using:

- actually it is using faircoin blockchain (faircoin 2 in development):

- we are developing the interface of the schemes in terms of wallet design and on line platform with
freecoin (they are parte of the project since the beginning):

- the organization is member to the legal and fiscal status of freedom cooperative.

- the organization is also member and co-funder of Bank of the Commons

Related collaborations:
Bank of the Commons

this are schemes of the governance and commoncoin in Macao management:

PDF - 81.3 Kb
PDF - 1012.7 Kb


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