Progetti The Floaters

The Floaters – Atto Primo

Liquid black stone rising from the core of the earth, shooting, flowing, oozing, bubbling-out and solidifying into a sculpture, a rock, a cave – a shelter. Isolated from the outside world, laying down in total darkness, escaping the surface, floating deeper and deeper back towards the core.

The Floaters – Atto Primo
is the first act of the collaboration between Santarcangelo Festival 2019 and MACAO.

MACAO, Studio Erasmus Scherjon+Gero Asmuth together with Travis Broussard invite you during this years Salone del Mobile Milano to a workshop setting around the making of a float-tank – a space of sensory deprivation to reach higher states of consciousness just by means of our own bodies – and objects and furniture accompanying the tank.

We develop and make on the spot, entering the stage of a furniture fair with a jam session, a challenge to perform in the here and now, seeking the magic momentum of creating in the moment – a flow triggered by context and companions. Visitors can meet the material and the making of work in progress, which will ultimately be activated during the Santarcangelo Festival 2019.

With the great support and the quality of Acrylic One – a non toxic material, a glue, a filler, a skin, strong like resin, moldable like plaster, resistant to fire and waterproof, that can be colored, sprayed, shaped, moulded, poured, carved, and sanded – make it a very suitable and versatile instrument to jam with.

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