DFF - Document File Format

Document File Format is a spontaneous periodical published by Macao, New Centre for Arts, Culture and Research in Milan ( IT). Emphasising its online context and virtual mode of production, DFF is always released in PDF, yet leaving the possibility of printed editions if opportune conditions. Each issue has a specific narrative, though having in common the non-fixed method of collecting contents; From skype, e-mails, facebook chat, excerpt from books, retranscription of lectures, to anything the editorial board might, at a given moment, consider relevant and valuable.

Editors: Leonardo Ruvolo and Arthur Tramier.
Publisher : Macao, New Centre for Arts, Culture and Research.

Design: Majikanar.

©You are free to copy, distribute, display this work, with the exception of excerpted materials from other publication which may be copyrighted to the authors as credited individually.


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