ECTOPLASM 00 presentsRetour ligne automatique
core.pan ELVESHAARPRetour ligne automatique
residency and exhibition

curated by Nocturnal Reflections and OutreglotRetour ligne automatique
hosted by Macao - Milan

From 7th December to 14th December 2017

ECTOPLASM is a program curated by Nocturnal Reflections and Outreglot.

Taking its name from phenomena that involve the use of ectoplasm, the program define the research as a conception of hypothetical and ethereal form of matter and energy projected by the medium’s body or object. In specific, it works on the hybridisation across the media as a unique form, aiming to an art’s essence through exhibitions, installations, performances and music, where shows are no longer just an amplification experience made to see someone « play » his music as an interpretation or improvisation.

The first ectoplasm event present the french duo core.pan with a week-long residency and exhibition opening on 7th December and running to 14th December inside the hangars of Macao.

core.pan explore economics and its little-known relationship to the ancient pseudoscience of astrology and numerology. Their model is a panpsychism practice that allows them to speculate on “the essence of beauty as a conceptual tension” across media, including research, sculpture and video.

EXHIBITION 7th to 14th DecemberRetour ligne automatique
core.pan paris (fr)

core.pan is an artistic research program developed by sybil montet de doria & simon kounovsky initiated in may 2016. The duo’s work is based on an extensive reflexion around symbiotic engineering and global mutations, using augmented materiality and film as a way to approach the relationships between metaphysical cosmology, high-end technology and biomimetic evolutionary process.

SELECTED WORKSRetour ligne automatique
> SSALIVA - I APPRECIATE YOUR CONCERNRetour ligne automatique
> ’ys mantic systems’, solo show @ Noplace, OsloRetour ligne automatique
> ’KMS / Aftermath’, solo show @ Gallerie A.M.180, PragueRetour ligne automatique
> ’Head Up Temblor’ video @ Art Athina art fair, AthensRetour ligne automatique
> ’Future Fictions’ group show @ Assemby Point, London

PRESSRetour ligne automatique
> AQNB // Talking dark energy + divination in the panpsychism ofRetour ligne automatique
CORE.PAN’s artistic research ahead of the Future Fictions group show


ssaliva (LIVE) Liège (be)

Known for being a discreet but very prolific producer over the years, his impressionist pieces based on sparse rythms, lush tones and crystallised textures have been released on the likes of Leaving Records, Not Not Fun, Ramp, PTP and Melting Bot, and the regular drops of exclusive tracks on his soundcloud account have gained him a cult following online. He’s also recently collaborated with SkyH1, WWWINGS and Organ Tapes for a featured track out on Creamcake.

SSALIVA - I APPRECIATE YOURRetour ligne automatique
CONCERN (VIDEO) collaboration w/ core.pan

ALLPASS (live) paris (fr)

Exploring machine learning concepts applied to audio, the ‘Lazy Terms’ project exemplifies sounds pushing popular music sound types (from traditional to dance) to a closed, ad hoc and abstract dynamical system. The presented music displays a ‘coherent ambiguity’ feeling avoiding the lack of contents associated with unpredictable contemplation and willing to provoke attentional shifts, cognitive dissonance states which lets the only disposable function grounded in pure lyrical emotion. In Allpass music each sound is early generated in a multichannel (4 to 8 channels) configuration, down mixed if needed, always aiming to a 3D immersive experience.

LOTO RETINA (live) bruxelles (be)

France’s Loto Retina has a sound that is hard to pin down. The most direct way to describe it is in the realm of crisp digital avant-garde music, an often pristine and chilly style that keeps expanding as more artists master programs like Max MSP, pure data, and others to achieve new exciting audio worlds. ‘Fiction’ contains delicate ambient moments, sections of pure texture that simulate tactile phenomena like dripping water in a controlled digital setting, but also lower fidelity synth tones and samples that add a sharp sense of contrast and beauty to the album.

CONTEMPLATION OF BLUES (a/v live) bologna (ita)

VALERIO MAIOLO AND BIANCA PERUZZI a collaboration between a musician and filmmaker in a computer and hacked-TV based phase manipulation to make sensori-motor experience of an abstract spectral space and isolated light objects.

CLOSING EVENT: 14th DECEMBER - 10PM - HANGAR MACAO (MILANO)Retour ligne automatique
in collaboration with MEDITAZIONI ELETTRONICHE

PURE MANIA (live) zurich (ch)

instruments that melt everything incidents that no one remembers exactly eye, skull and core, driven into ascesis the strobe grid clamps the mind absorbing pure potencies as directly as possible electrical signals, coaxed but barely modulated something other has merged with you PURE MANIA does not stop where you begin.


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